Western USA

I spent 3 weeks of August driving from California to Colorado with stops in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. I hope the pictures help show how beautiful this drive was. There were still so many sights I didn’t capture, but you’ll have to take my word for it.

Days 1-3: California

Days 4-5: Oregon

Days 6-7: Idaho

Days 8-11: Montana

Days 12-15: Wyoming

Day 16: South Dakota

On the drive to Sage Creek Campground in Badlands, I drove by a sunflower farm at sunset. I didn’t manage to get a good photo, but it was maybe the prettiest roadside sight on the whole drive. Certainly at least prettiest outside of Glacier where the views are superlative. I would not recommend the campground, however.

Day 17: Wyoming

(This was a long day of driving to Cheyenne, so I didn’t take any photos.)

Days 18-20: Colorado

Perfect way to wrap up the trip. I was blown away by the milky blue color of Lake Haiyaha!